Cosmetic Repair

​Contact lenses For Traumatic Injury


Above are pictures of an eye that was injured and a good portion of the iris (the colored part of the eye) was removed and damaged. Using a colored contact lens has restored the eye cosmetically and has enhanced the eyes ability to withstand light. Common amongst people with a partial iris is photophobia (light sensitivity). With an artificial pupil on the contact lenses, this condition is greatly reduced.

Black Pupil


Cosmetic repair of eyes that have been injured in the past can be corrected to give that look that you had been born with using colored or tinted lenses.. Eyes with irregular shaped pupils can wear contact lenses to hide the defect for a more cosmetic appearance. Eyes that have been turned white from disease or injury can wear contacts with artificial black pupils. Color Changing Lenses to change the color of the eyes are now available in disposable formats as well. Numerous other lens colors are available upon custom order.

Eyes that have no vision and have no natural pupil can be fit with a black pupil for maximum cosmetic appeal.

Cosmetic Contact Lens Repairs are available for:

  • Congenital Deformity of Iris - Coloboma, Aniridia, Key Hole Pupil
  • Traumatic Eye Injury From Sports etc.
  • Traumatic Eye Injury From Industrial Accidents
  • Repair of Diseased Eye
  • Aniridia

Cosmetic Contact lenses are available in many disposable and non disposable formats. Let our expert staff assist you in making the proper choice for you. We stock all popular brands - Bausch and Lomb, Cooper Vision, Ciba Vision, Wesley Jessen And Johnson & Johnson. Custom lenses are available as required.