High Hyperopia Correction

Contact Lenses For High Hyperopia - Farsighted Vision

Hyperopia, High Hyperopia Defined 

Hyperopia is a condition where the eye does not focus images onto the eye. People refer to this condition as being farsighted. Humans by nature are generally nearsighted with the greater populations' prescriptions between -1.00 and -4.00 diopters. Diopter is the strength of prescription eyewear required.

High Hyperopia is associated with prescriptions greater than +8.00 diopter and can go as high as +60.00 diopter. The higher prescriptions types of Hyperopia are many times associated with axial length Hyperopia, a condition whereby the back of the eye is much closer from the cornea than normal making the eye very farsighted. High Hyperopia can also be a result from cataract extraction and or Aphakia where the eye does not have a lens in the eye. See Cataract Contact Lenses for more info.

Correction of High Myopia with Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses for High Hyperopia are still very important. Even though many high hyperopes wear contact lenses, eyeglasses are required before going to bed and upon waking. 

Making eyeglasses for High Hyperopia requires special skills and frame materials. Frames must fit exactly to eye size measurements. The frames must also have small round lens sizes to accommodate the high prescriptions. Use of high index lens materials help reduce the thickness and weight of the lenses. High Index lenses now come with a refractive index as high as 1.9 on glass special orders and as high as 1.74 on plastic lenses. Refractive index is the ability of an optical lens to bend light. The higher the index, the thinner the lens. Antireflective coating on the lenses increases light transmission through these high index materials making resolution much higher.

Correction of High Hyperopia with Contact Lenses

The preferred method of correction of High Hyperopia is contact lenses. Many different contact lenses are available including disposable contact lenses which are now available as high as +20.00 diopter. Contact lenses can restore vision with complete peripheral vision and little minification error. Magnification error is when looking through a high plus  prescription all images are bigger. Contact lenses of the same correction will allow images to be much less magnified than a high prescription eyeglass would be.

Frames and Lenses available at Lens Design Ltd.

We stock a complete set of frames in many styles specifically designed for High Hyperopia corrections. We routinely build glasses between +10.00 and +20.00 diopter. Many of our patients are happy seeing how light even a +20.00 diopter lens is with our special technology. Our lenses have special aspheric curves blended into the prescription to reduce room warp.