Post Laser Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses for eyes that have had Lasik or Laser refractive surgery

Mesa Contact Lenses - are designed for eyes that have had vision corrective Lasik or laser refractive surgery and do not have optimal vision correction.Laser and Lasik refractive surgery can result in irregularities of the cornea. In the event that they can not be corrected with further procedures, fitting with contact lenses may be required. Due to the unusual shape that results from laser refractive surgery a special contact lens is required for fitting.

‚ÄčThe mesa lens is designed to mimic the shape resulting from this procedure. Contact lenses are indicated when not enough correction is available or the cornea has "twisted" or become irregularly astigmatic. The cornea is the clear part of the eye in front of the Iris where upon the surgery was performed. Astigmatism refers to the shape of the eye having different powers across different meridians. The Mesa lens is an excellent choice for this type of correction.Radial Keratotomy (RK)  was a corneal surgery that was performed prior to the advances of Laser surgery. RK surgery consists of scalpel cuts radiating from the inner 5 millimeters of the cornea. RK eyes that ended up with irregular astigmatism may also benefit from the Mesa design.

In rare circumstances, refractive surgery has been performed on eyes that may have had Keratoconus or had been pre-Keratoconus. Keratoconus is a progressive disease whereby the cornea becomes gradually thinner. The end result can be a cornea that can no longer hold its shape and become cone shape. Soft aspheric lenses specifically design to mimic the specific corneal contours may be fitted if other lenses prove ineffective. In extreme circumstances a cornea transplant may be required.

Corneal ectasia is a condition where the cornea begins to protrude after being thinned too much from refractive surgery. Picture a garden hose sitting on your driveway beginning to bulge in a particular spot from the build up of pressure. The result can be blurred vision form the irregular shape. Custom contact lenses can be designed to correct the vision.

Mesa Contact Lens - The trademark shape is the plateau shaped cornea. The Mesa lens is designed to accommodate the "reverse geometry" induced by refractive surgery. The traditional eye is round in the center of the pupil and becomes flatter towards the white of the eye. With reverse geometry, the eye is flatter at the center of the pupil and becomes steeper at the white of the eye.

Mesa contact lenses are designed to fit flat in the center and steeper in the periphery. This contact lens design increases the comfort for a myopic corrective surgery.

Laser, Lasik and RK refractive surgery can also result in an eye with a regular astigmatic shape whereby Toric soft lenses may work adequately in some circumstances.

Synergeyes PS

Lens Design Ltd. also is a dealer for Synergeyes PS (post surgical) lens, which is a hybrid soft lens with a semi rigid gas permeable center. This lens is specifically deigned for the cornea that has had refractive surgery.